Tuition & Fees

Your home college financial aid/loan package is generally applicable to your NYAP semester.  Specific policies vary.  Contact your Off-Campus Study or Financial Aid Office.

Tuition & Housing  for Fall 2017 & Spring 2018.
Residency is required.
Tuition for the 15-week semester (16.85 credit hours) $15,690
Housing for 15 week semester $  6,800
Tuition for the trimester schedule 10 weeks (10.75 credit hours) $ 10,460
Housing for the trimester schedule 10 weeks $  5,500

(Note that 10-week students are accepted only during the spring semester)

Post-Baccalaureate Students
Tuition(no credit) $6,300
Housing $6,800

In addition to these costs your school may charge an off-campus study fee.

Out of Pocket Expenses

Food, local transportation, laundry, etc. are the student’s responsibility. Below is an estimate of average monthly expenses:

Transportation: $104 (monthly Metrocard good on subways & buses).
Click here for more information.
Groceries & Dining: $350 – $400
Books, Museum Admissions or Performances etc.: $75
Incidentals: $75