Founded in 1967,  NYAP is an accredited off-campus domestic program specializing in providing students with opportunities in the arts and creative  fields. Deeply connected to its location in a global cultural capital the NYAP semester advances students’ creative and critical skills, and helps them define and launch on a professional path through:

Customized Internships
Working Artist Faculty
Seminars, Advising & Events 

Professional Development Workshops
Full Academic CreditAnd an urban living experience in New York City

Undergraduates receive academic credit transcribed by Ohio Wesleyan University for Internships, Seminars and Independent Projects.

Advisors and Faculty view the NYAP Handbook for Campus Liaisons, Advisors & Faculty

Come join our Post-Baccalaureate Program.  The Post-Bac program follows the same structure with additional career advising, lower tuition but no academic credits.

Participating Majors

Students from all accredited colleges and universities are eligible to apply to NYAP. A wide range of academic majors have benefitted from the program’s learning opportunities and internships including:

Architecture; Studio Art; Art Management;
Art History;  English: Creative Writing; Dance;
Journalism; Music; Theatre 

NYAP was founded by the Great Lakes College Association in 1967 and is managed by OHIO WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY.