Media Arts

The media and communication arts are at the heart of New York’s global influence. Technology + storytelling in all of its forms:  art, documentary, narrative, messaging, games – come together to create a uniquely diverse media landscape.


Film & Video:

Work with independent film & video-makers, in production facilities, for distributors, or for film archives and museums.

PR & Marketing/Branding:

Put your communications skills to work assisting in publications, agencies, and for media free-lancers.

Broadcast/Internet production:

Assist in in production, work with content –providers.

Here is a small sampling of recent internships in Film , Radio & Broadcast:

Aubin Pictures, Women Make Movies, Breakthru Films, Saturday Night Live, Jigsaw Productions, Factory 25, Characters Generator, UnionDoc, Rumur Films, Sharp Entertainment, Weinstein Group, Oscilloscope, Anthology Film Archives, ABC.

Seminars And Professional Development Workshops

Depending on their specific interest arts administration students take a core faculty seminar in writing, visual arts, or performing arts. The faculty seminars are organized around specific subject areas but encourage all students to bring their perspectives and interests to the discussion, and explore interdisciplinary connections – creative and practical. They focus on contemporary practice and use the city an active resource through site visits, performances, and guest speakers.

NYAP has also partnered with CREATIVE CAPITAL to provide students with Professional Development Workshops focused on Strategic Planning and Financial Literacy. The workshops help you harness your liberal arts skills to achieve your goals and sustain your creative practice as you move ahead.

Individualized Advising Independent Projects:

Your Faculty Advisor helps you shape a project that represents the skills you have acquired, your accomplishments and your promise. Projects have included, blogs, essays, short films, scripts, proposals, storyboards and more.


Emilie Clark, MFA

Faculty Advisor Visual Art

Dana Tarantino, Phd

Faculty Advisor Theatre & Drama

John Reed, MFA

Faculty Advisor
Writing & Publishing

Jake K. Leckie, MA

Faculty Advisor Music, Media & Dance