Summer Arts Intensive

This 4-week intensive offers undergraduate and post-baccalaureate studio and art history students an opportunity to come together to gain perspectives that will enrich their research and creative work.

Students will explore New York’s diverse art world through visits to artists’ studios, workspaces, museums, and galleries; and engage in dialogue with and instruction by artists, curators, and educators.

In addition to encouraging independent inquiry, seminars, workshops, assignments and fieldwork are structured to support and inform collaboration and dialogue between students focusing on practice, and those focusing on art history and theory. The session will culminate in a virtual exhibition project that students develop collaboratively.  The SVAI is eligible for 4 credit hours through Ohio Wesleyan University.

Information on application requirements and past SVAI sessions HERE.



Emilie new website

Emilie Clark, MFA

Faculty Advisor Visual Art
Dana color photo

Dana Tarantino, Phd

Faculty Advisor Theatre & Drama
john reed photo#4

John Reed, MFA

Faculty Advisor
Writing & Publishing
Jake Web Photo now

Jake K. Leckie, MA

Faculty Advisor Music, Media & Dance