Visual Arts

New York is made up of many art worlds and offers artists, designers, curators and arts journalists peerless resources for inspiration, research, and dialogue.

Visual arts students can work at a combination of internships to acquire a broad exposure to contemporary approaches and professional practices.


Studio Fine Arts-Design-Applied Arts students assist professional artists & designers with preparation and documentation to gain a close-up view of professional practices, methods and philosophy.

Art History, Critical Studies, and Arts Administration & Arts Education students work at organizations or publications that present and educate about art: museums, art galleries, art journals and magazines, websites, non-profit institutions, and foundations. Observe curatorial work, assist with research, fundraising, publishing and public education.

Here is a small sampling of recent internships in the Visual Arts:
Individual Artists:

Ellen Altfest, Daniel Zeller, Alexi Worth, Bruce Pearson, Lee Boronson, Polly Appflebaum, Fred Wilson, Jane Fine, Whitfield Lovell, Lisa Corrine Davis, Ginzel & Jones, Diana Al-Hadid, Ev Day, Jean Shin, Michelle Oka-Donner, Hank WWillis Thomas

Architecture & Design:

Common Room, Erin Considine, Jes Wade Atelier, Tahari, PS Design

Art Centers,Museums & Galleries & Publications:

The Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Whitney Museum, Elizabeth Dee Gallery, Pace Magill Gallery, Steven Kashen Galley International Center for Photography , Art in America, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, DAP, Collective Task, Bomb


Core Seminar: Art Worlds of New York: Critical Thinking in Contemporary Art (HERE)

NYAP has also partnered with CREATIVE CAPITAL to provide students with Professional Development Workshops focused on Strategic Planning and Financial Literacy. The workshops help you harness your liberal arts skills to achieve your goals and sustain your creative practice as you move ahead.

Individualized Advising/Independent Projects:

Your Faculty Advisor helps you shape a project that represents the skills you have acquired, your accomplishments and your promise. Independent Projects have included short films, works of art, maquettes, essays, and blogs.


Emilie Clark, MFA

Faculty Advisor Visual Art

Dana Tarantino, Phd

Faculty Advisor Theatre & Drama

John Reed, MFA

Faculty Advisor
Writing & Publishing

Jake K. Leckie, MA

Faculty Advisor Music, Media & Dance