During a semester at NYAP, students will explore their potential, engage their creativity and hone the skills that will sustain them as they move into professional life. Here’s what NYAP Alum say about the Program:

The NY Arts Program is the best possible decision I could've made in my college career. It put me further ahead in my department back at school, gave me more confidence, and helped me grow as an individual--not just as a musician.

Ohio Wesleyan University

I can say with confidence that NYAP changed my life. From exposing me to completely different environments to opening professional doors, I would not change any part of my experience with the program and highly recommend it to any students looking to have a career in the arts.

NYAP was an amazing immersion into so many things - the greatest arts campus in the universe (New York City). Colleagues from a number of disciplines other than music were another great educational source. And the opportunity to surround myself with professionals doing what I wanted to be doing was irreplaceable.

Oberlin College

My internship was incredible. I had hoped to learn about the creative process that goes into the development of a new work of theatre. At my internship, I actually got to be a part of that process.

Hope College

I think the real question is how HASN’T NYAP helped my career? I would not be where I am now if I had not done the New York Arts Program.

Post-Bac, University of California, Santa Clara

Before coming to New York many people told me that being a visual artist was only a dream, but since being here, I have realized that it is very possible.

Albion College

I was given the opportunity to engage in an ongoing discussion about the contemporary art world and its intricacies that led me to develop my artistic path in a new way.

Allegheny College

New York City is like a little global village. You travel around the world as you walk across each street. I am glad I chose to stay in the States and enjoy foreign customs while not worrying travelling too far. This experience will definitively inspire me and expand my global horizon.

Wabash College

NYAP gives students the opportunity to put their studies into a real life situation and from this you grow not only as a person but as an aspiring artist. You learn practicalities in your field, gain experience and learn how to make money in what you love to do. Living in the city also helps you become a more independent and self sufficient student. NYAP was the best choice I have made in terms of furthering myself as a person and as a filmmaker.

Ohio Wesleyan University

This semester redefined the way I understand the book publishing world. Working in smaller-sized companies gave me an opportunity to see all aspects of the company at some point: editorial, marketing/publicity, design, even some financial. Just being able to interact with the publisher and editors on a daily basis was valuable. New York is the epicenter of the publishing world, and there's a culture and pace of work here that makes it stand out from any other city.

DePauw University

I came to the New York Arts Program hoping to find direction, and I can unequivocally say that the semester was the turning point in my life.

Oberlin College

What you learn from this program is not something you learn in school every day... the professional practice of art. It was seeing living and working artists that are living in new york city, making their life, as art, and it’s not something I ever really thought was possible and now I know it is.

Virginia Commonwealth University

It helped me take things in small steps and feel secure enough to be more adventurous then I would’ve been otherwise. I was able to take more risks and now that I am going to be on my own I’ve build a solid foundation for myself.

Southwestern University

The internship has given me experience working with a wide range of people,  l earned how to adapt and work in different styles.  I feel prepared.

Post Bac, Grand Valley State University

I feel like I have learned entirely new language … the language of professionals.

Southwestern University

I learned the ins and outs of fundraising in the art world, connected with dozens of emerging and well established artists and curators and became a part of their team.  The knowledge skills and confidence I gained will transfer to future opportunities.

DePauw University

The program provided independence and freedom with   structure & support.  Everything I’ve accomplished professionally can be traced back to the New York arts program.

Art critic, independent curator, and Professor of Painting & Drawing at School of the Arts Institute of Chicago

Thank you for running a program that let me take so many risks, to feel comfortable with my skills and goals to set forth and accomplish something. When I returned to campus for my final semester I based my thesis on the independent project that I was first inspired by living in NYC.

Columbus School of Art & Design

NYAP enabled me to truly examine who I am as an artist and a lifelong learner.  I held editorial internships and had the opportunity to write short reviews and articles, and experience that world from the inside.  My personal projects, seminars with NYAP faculty, connections with peers and the city as a who augmented my love for the arts and for life.

Ohio Wesleyan University

New York Arts Program internships provide extraordinary experiences for students considering careers in the arts. Working alongside professionals, making connections, seeing the business side of the arts, and learning how to navigate a large city like New York all help prepare students to make a successful transition from graduation into careers or graduate school.

Ed Kahn
Chair, Department of Theatre & Dance Ohio Wesleyan University

General Inquiries:   NY Arts Program  -  212-563-0255  -  336 West 37th Street, Ste 1100, New York, NY 10036