Quick Facts

Quick Facts

The NY Arts Program welcomes any questions that students and/or their parents may have about the program or NYAP housing. Just email us email us at info@nyartsprogram.org

Participating Majors:

A wide range of academic majors have benefitted from the program’s learning opportunities and internships including: Advertising/Marketing; Architecture; Studio Art; Art History; Arts Administration; Arts Education; Cinema/Film Studies; Communications; Creative Writing; Dance; Digital Communications; English, Fashion Design; Graphic Communication; Journalism; Literature; Museum Studies; Music: Performance, Composition. Technology, and Business; Non-profit Management; Public Relations; Theatre: Performance, Design, Directing, Management, Visual Communication

What does the program look for in candidates for admission?

NYAP looks for students who have demonstrated a commitment to their overall education as well as their creative and professional goals, an ability to live and work in a collaborative environment, initiative, curiosity and openness to new ways of learning

Can students from any college attend?

Yes. The program is open to students from all accredited college & universities.

Will my college accept Academic Credit for NYAP?

NYAP issues 16.85 credits through its managing college, Ohio Wesleyan University, and is approved by The Great Lakes College Association. Home colleges translate credits to their system, and determine credit distribution. All students must obtain approval for off-campus study from their academic advisor and off-campus study office. Click here for more on preparation to apply.

May recent college graduates participate?

Yes. Post Baccalaureates within two years of their graduation may apply.  Post-Bac’s may participate in all aspects of the program. Advisory sessions and independent projects focus on developing a specific career path strategy.

Can I pre-arrange my own internship?

Some students have done extensive research on a particular artist or institution. Make sure you discuss this with your New York Arts Program faculty advisor. Your advisor will then make sure that your prospective sponsor fills the Program’s academic requirements before proceeding with the approval.

What is NYAP’s Policy on Compensation for Interns?

Because they are part of an accredited educational program, NYAP interns are not classed as employees and not subject to the Fair Labor Standards act. Students are generally not paid. However some students who work in a corporate environment may find that their work site’s Human Resource policy requires some compensation – this is generally minimal.

Where have NYAP students interned in the past?

The New York Arts Program is known for its extensive network of highly respected arts and cultural organizations located in New York City. These artists and organizations serve as sponsors and work closely with the student and his/her New York faculty advisor to insure the best possible learning experience.  For an idea of some past and present sponsors associated with New York Arts Program internships click on the program area of interest: Arts Administration, Performing Arts, Media Arts, Writing & Publishing and Visual Arts.

Does the Program provide housing?

Yes. The NY Arts Program housing is provided through Educational Housing Services (EHS) in the New Yorker Hotel located in midtown west convenient to subway and bus lines.

Are students required to live in the Program House?

Yes.   Residency is required of all participating NY Arts Program student.  Many colleges also require their students that participate in the NY Arts Program to reside in the NYAP housing. Be sure to check with your off campus study office about their policy.

General Inquiries:   NY Arts Program  -  212-563-0255  -  336 West 37th Street, Ste 1100, New York, NY 10018