Tuition & Fees

Your home college financial aid/loan package is generally applicable to your NYAP semester.  Specific policies vary.  Contact your Off-Campus Study or Financial Aid Office for details. For tuition details email or call 212-563-0255.
Tuition & Housing for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020
Residency is required for undergraduate students.
Tuition for the 15-week semester (16.85 credit hours) $16,000
Tuition for the trimester schedule 10 weeks
(10.75 credit hours)
Housing for the trimester schedule 15 weeks $ 7,300
Housing for the trimester schedule 10 weeks $  6,000

In addition to these tuition & Housing,  your school may charge an off-campus study fee.

Food, local transportation, laundry, etc. are the student’s responsibility.
A sample of average monthly expenses:
Transportation: $121 (monthly Metrocard)
Click here for more information.
Groceries & Dining: $440 – $550
Books, Museum Admissions or Performances etc.: $75
Incidentals: $75
 Post-Baccalaureate Students
Tuition (no credit) $8,000
Housing (optional) $7,300

All program billing both tuition and housing is through the NY Arts Program. Check with your home college bursar to understand their policy on billing for the NY Arts Program. Most students pay their home school tuition for the semester; if you will not, please contact us.

General Inquiries:   NY Arts Program  -  212-563-0255  -  336 West 37th Street, Ste 1100, New York, NY 10018